Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Out from Behind the Great Firewall...

Updates here have lagged sorely since China has pulled the plug on my blogging activity; I hope to try and catch up with some images of the projects I've been working on over there...

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This is a slideshow of my entry for a design competition for new Hong Kong-mainland border crossing, my last effort before leaving China in April. I had high hopes for this one, since most of the judges were NOT from the mainland; I foolishly hoped for a rational review of functional alternatives for the project. The winning entries proved me wrong: more silly wallpaper-on-a-whale earned the judges' favor. All ten of the finalists offered superficial pretty pictures (where Chinese design begins- and ends), decorating the (dreadful) conceptual scheme provided by the project engineers, without a single thought of an alternative approach. my observation of modern China holds true: one point three billion people- ONE point of view.

Image of my assembled competition entry boards (six panels in all):

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