Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nanchang, Dongguan Projects

Jiangxi Province, Guangdong Province, China

In collaboration with Austin Landscape Architects in Shenzhen, several schemes were developed for clients in Nanchang.

My modus operandi in China has evolved into bilingual Powerpoint presentations: I can have my English captions translated into Chinese characters very quickly, to compensate for my fluent spoken "Chinglish". Viewers can then "follow the images" with minimal verbal intrusion. This also forces me into a logical and more tightly organized visual presentation than would be customary where I can more easily "read" the audience.

The following is a conceptual site development study for a client who wanted some "fresh thinking". This presentation sold the "big boss" and won us the commission. Sadly, the project has since reverted to the "Standard Development Model" as depicted herein:

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The following is an essay on the development of urban boulevards:

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Also with Austin, we developed a remedial scheme for a typical "towers in the park" development already underway in Dongguan, a fast-growing satellite of Shenzhen. This project typifies the mindless development carpeting modern China, where every city now looks the same. Hi-rise buildings are arranged like game pieces, with no consideration of circulation, wayfinding or the ground-level pedestrian experience.

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